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Meet the team



Samantha Lin

"Becoming President of Toastmasters has not only been one of the most impactful ways I can contribute to RingCentral but also the chance to improve my leadership and speaking skills. I also love getting to meet coworkers I wouldn’t have met otherwise!"


VP Education

Kira Arnold

"In addition to gaining leadership experience, I decided to become an officer in order to give back to the club as a thank you for helping improve my confidence."

Allison Jorda headshot.jpeg

VP Membership

Allison Jorda

"Joining Toastmasters has been invaluable to me for both my personal and my professional growth. I love it! It has it increased my opportunities to practice and hone my public speaking skills in a friendly and supported environment."


Irene Luong

VP Public Relations

"Becoming VP of PR has been a rewarding opportunity because not only has it challenged me but it has also helped me develop my public speaking and leadership skills. Toastmasters also has given me the opportunity to experience personal and career growth."


Raizel Luna


"I joined Toastmasters because I really enjoy speaking and want to improve on my speech. I want to build my confidence in public speaking and gain feedback on how I can become a better public speaker and improvisor."


Chris Lim


"I'm excited to serve as the Treasurer for our local Toastmasters Club. I'm hopeful that many more of our colleagues will take advantage of this opportunity for our personal growth. Public speaking is like a muscle, the more you do it, the stronger and better you become!"

DSC05243_small copy.jpg

Sergeant at Arms

Yash Rawani

"Joining Toastmasters gives me an opportunity to develop valuable communication skills of talking to people and building my confidence to give good presentations and during the course, make really good friends around."

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